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  A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Two Hundred To One
By Robert Schwarz *
As rewritten by Ray Carlyle

This effect was originally published in Bascom Jones publication MAGICK in 1978. It fits the use of the New Ostin Clip designed by John Riggs who granted me exclusive manufacturing rights. I have adopted, as far as necessary, Mr. Schwarz text as written by Bascom.

"The successful prediction of a future event, unknown to the performer, is one of the strongest of all effects the Mentalist can present!", said Bascom when he printed this effect. Sometimes a Mentalist may find that the prediction of the future is hard to convincingly present. Some consider it beyond the realm of believability. Therefore let me suggest that this effect may be presented in another way, that of mind control. In mind control, we can say that we have caused the spectator to select the bits of information we wanted by controlling their minds. As you read through the effect you will see how this can play. That also may be a stretch, but I find it easier than a prediction. That I will leave to the performer. Either way, it can and will be entertaining. After all, that is what we are or should be about.

This effect has several things going for it. First, because you have the jar signed by six (6) spectators as they enter the show you will have no problem getting the six spectators to come up to help. Why? Because you simply ask the people that signed the jar to come on stage to verify their signatures. Once on stage, you ask them to help.

Also, it's a great closer! It also uses the New Style Ostin Clip and the New John Riggs Pocket Writer, both sold elsewhere in this catalog. They can be found listed under "Effects"

* Robert Schwarz passed away several years ago. This effect is a tribute to him and his effects!

Ray Carlyle

PRICE: $20