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Annemann Revisited
An update of an Annemann Effect
by Ray Carlyle

PRICE: $20

This is one of the effects that made Ted Annemann the legend that he still is today. The thinking that went into the very effective card divination is beyond most effects and yet is simple as there are no slights. In  fact, once you hand the deck to the first spectator you never touch the deck again until the effect is over. Yes it all happens in the spectator’s hands.
You will want to read this description more than once. Here’s  what happens, the cards are removed from their case and handed to helper number one. He shuffles the cards and fans them in the time-honored fasion of "pick a card" to helper number two who takes any card he wishes. He looks at and remembers its identity.
Helper number one closes the deck and is told to hand the cards to helper number three. He is told to shuffle the deck and he also is instructed to fan the cards as number one had. The helper with the card is told to insert the card anywhere he wishes in the fanned deck. The cards closed and once again shuffled.
Now helper three is ask to deal the cards one at a time into a pile on your out streatched right hand.  He holds each card above your hand for a second, if you feel it is not the chosen card you say "next". This goes on until you say "Stop!". At that point you ask the helper number two who chose the card to name the card and helper three turns over the stopped at card and it is the card named.
In the revisited version a standard "Bicycle" deck is used. 

Things to remember, you never touch the cards and they are shuffled twice by two of the helpers. No stacked deck and if you wish you can be blindfold before the final dealing by helper three. No stooges are used. Can be done any where at any time. No reset. Ready when you are.  
When ordering state Blue or Red backs! 
Comes complete with deck and a pen to make new decks for yourself