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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Bingo Divination

Card tricks suitable for stage presentation are rare. "Bingo Divination" can be performed successfully on a stage or in a cocktail lounge. It is the logical, up-to-date version of the classic Nap Hand, without the necessary memory work or sleight-of-hand.

The performer introduces a pack of cards gives it a genuine riffle-shuffle, then deals it into two piles, one containing Clubs and Hearts, the other Spades and Diamonds. The two Jokers go one to each heap.

The Clubs-Hearts pile ( with its Joker, making a total of twenty-seven cards ) is again dealt into three face down piles, one to each of three spectators.

The performer picks up the Spades-Diamonds heap and, from this point on , keeps his back turned to the three spectators He asks them to each shuffle their packet of nine cards, then lay them out in a 3 x 3 square face-upwards. Each square represents a Bingo Card, and the spectators are invited to turn the cards face-downwards as they are called.

The performer shuffles his packet of twenty-seven cards then, taking them one at a time from the top, calls them out and shows them; for example, the Ace of Diamonds would be called, " A Red Ace." The person with the Ace of Hearts in her square would immediately turn it face down.

This is continued until one of them has turned all her cards face-downwards . . . and called "Bingo!"

The winning player is asked to again turn her nine cards face-upwards then, to climax the effect, the performer 'divines' each of the cards in turn.

Ken, a dear and close friend, is no longer with us, but the workings of his great mind deserve to be kept alive! i think his charming wife Sue will agree. This effect is cheap at twice the price!

Routined by   Ken de Courcy
PRICE: $ 5
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