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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Brain Wave Case
by Ray Carlyle
From an idea by John Cornelius

Let there be no confusion! This is a redesign of John's original Thought Transmitter!

So what's the difference? As I am lead to believe, John's first and original unit used a battery from a film pack by Polaroid. When the company stopped making the film pack John had to change his design. The original X-Rayed the paper (post-it-note) but the second generation version, using a LED bulb, which shined across the picture or playing card NOT through!

Many customers didn't like that idea as the light showed out around the edges! Well they all did! However the second version did more!
In our redesign we have gone back to the original x-ray version and added something else new . . .

A Re-chargeable Battery! And when you buy you receive the special charging unit
No its not your every day charger. This one is made special to charge this battery.

Yes you receive both and so never have to change or buy batteries!

Now added a Stand-Up routine so that the case has even more ways to be used!

And NOW with a New Model easier charging and the 'switch' is quieter! Also a routine by Ned Rutledge! Yes a completely different routine! The "Light" unit can be moved to an envelope (Not-supplied) and used to X-Ray the envelope from the routine! A Great Stand-up stage effect as only Ned can write!


With Charger, Dry Erase Pen  & Rutledge Effect

ALL GONE - Watch for the new Deluxe Case!
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