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Carlyle’s Headline Prediction  
(Known as his “famous” Butter Tub Prediction)
By Ray Carlyle   

PRICE: $ 25

Now released, for the first time to the Mentalist fraternity. Used by him for years as a reputation builder. It can do the same for you! No less than five (5) predictions are made and all found in a sealed letter that is never touched by the mentalist after it is handed to he VIP at his home or office weeks before the show. And that can be even months before the show.
Yes, read that  again . . . not touched in any way, yet it is under your control all the time. No tricky moves! No false  envelopes! No confederates! No Switches of anything!

A one-person effect! Complete directions covering every phase of the effect. A real reputation maker. 

Note this, when you go to the VIP's place, home or office, he removes one of the predictions and signs and dates it and then returns it to the envelope and then seals the envelope and KEEPS IT UNTIL HE OPENS IN ON STAGE! ! 

All the above is true and exactly as you will do the prediction!
Used and indorsed by Richard Webster the famous Mentalist. 

Only the instructions are received. The other items you will need can be found elsewhere.