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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
- The Carlyle Touch -
This is a DVD of Carlyle’s complete lecture in great detail. Carlyle has performed this lecture across the US, England and other countries. Many have called it the best lecture on Mentalism in years. Now you can own this acclaimed lecture to play over and over in the privacy of your own home.

The lecture contains nine  effects that are all his and audience tested. It also contains his famous Mediums Grip, which is shown in great detail. The grip was made famous at the Hollywood Magic Castle where he was the first medium of the Houdini Séance. Most of the effects are sold individually in this catalog.

This DVD has been made in a "Multi-region" format that will play anywhere in the world on a machine that will play NTSC.

Since this DVD was shot Carlyle has made some changes to some of the effcts. Buying the DVD anywhere else will not get you these updates!

Be sure and ask for the e-book of the same name which is FREE when you buy this DVD.
"An Evening With E.Raymond Carlyle" - DVD
The reason for the lower price is that I have sold out all 1,000 copies of the originals. Now I will be making the copies from my 'master'. The content will be the same except it will be on a "Flash Drive" or "Home Made DVD"
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