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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
- The Carlyle Touch -
Close-up & Personal, The Video
The Cover says it all. This is the second video I have made. It was videoed at a lecture of the PEA in Dearborn, Michigan just outside of Detroit, Carlyle's place of birth, in 2008.

The list of effects Are:

Annemann Revisited - The Almost No Gimmick Book Test (Also a No Gimmick Book Test) - No Gimmick Seven (7) Keys to Baldpate - Carlyle's Almost Real Prediction - His Famous Butter Tub Headline Prediction (handling only)- Carlyle's Mentalism  version of U. F. "Gen" Grant's Out Of This World" - The Guessing Game - Thought to Picture - Over 30 minutes of Bonus Material.

Also once you have watched the video you may put the disc into a computer and print out the printed instructions of most of the effects and watch the Bonus material.

Be sure and ask for the "Update sheets" as new handling has been added to several of the effects since 2008.
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