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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Book
A new book by Carlyle. Many of the effects in this book are shown at his lectures.  More Effects than found on the Video by the same name. This is a book that he has long wanted to publish. Some of the effects are found in this catalog and are there for those who don’t want the whole book. Some are from his lecture and are old standards of his.

But all are audience tested. Many are effects that are his handling of other performers effects but given “The Carlyle  Touch”. All are doable by any performer and will require practice to look good. Those whose effects have been given the “Touch” applaud his “turn” or “take” on their effects. Some of the effects are a combination of other effects put together to create a bigger, better effect. The book is over 30 pages with 13 effects fully explained and illustrated. A real steal at...

PRICE: $20
Note this e-book is FREE when you buy the DVD of the same name, "An Evening with Ray Carlyle"
Ask for it when you order the DVD!
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