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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
By Ray Carlyle
From an idea by Lary Kuehn

This is an idea for the seance worker, though more may find a use for the 'spots'.

One basic use is to place a 'spot' under a dark tablecloth at a spot where you can reach. at the beginning of the seance ask for the loan of a finger ring. lay the ring on the spot and start the seance. do nothing with the ring until the end and thank the sitter for the use of the ring. when he or she picks it up it will be ice cold.

So what is the 'spot'? I make them using the same chemical found in the reusable cold cubes that you can buy for you portable ice chest to keep your drinks cold without the mess of real ice.

They are double bagged so they will not sweat. Nor will the break open.

You receive two (2) spots in the package. Stick them in your freezer until they are needed. Fashion a couple of small pieces of styrofoam with little indents and place your 'spots' between the two pieces. Place a rubber band around and stick them in your case and they will last for hours. When you are ready, remove one or both and place them under the cloth. being under the cloth also helps keep they from defrosting too fast. They should stay frozen once placed on the table, for about 30 minutes or longer. I've had them last up to 45 minutes.

PRICE: $15
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