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The Complete Center Tear

By Ray Carlyle & Andreas Sebring

For years there has been instructions on the Center Tear, starting with Ted Annemann and maybe before! Yet there has always been the question . . . why did you tear up that paper I just wrote on? ? ? Yes we have come up with all manor of reasons that are at best . . .weak!

Now with the combination of my designed paper and a routine and the complete reading method by Andreas a new and reasonable routine is set forth. How?

You start by tearing off, from a pad, a sheet with the double circle design. You explan their meanings and give your sitter these instructions. "Where the circles cross place one word the covers the area of your question. I.E. Love, Travel, Marrage, Money, Work etc. Then, since you have only have used her last name, ask her print her first name in the lower circle and you have put your nane in the upper one. All this to be done after you turn away. You fold the sheet once each way and hand her the sheet and a pen and turn away.

After she has finished and refolded the paper you turn around and hand her a large 8 1/2 by 11 inch blank paper. You except the fold question paper and ask her to lay her left hand, palm up, on the blank paper. With the pen she is the very carefully draw the outline of her left hand. As she does you tear up the question paper.

When she has finished you ask her, "Which finger tips shall we use and how many pieces shall I lay on those tips?" Having received her answer you do a reading that covers her question and you now address her by her first name!

You receive 50 sheets of the two circle papers and complete means of each finger and what the number of pieces means.

Now you have a real reasion for tearing up the circle sheet ! !


Price: $25 complete