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Crystal Compatibility
An Effect with a Gravity Lock
By Carlyle & Richard Mark
This is an effect with a gravity lock. Let me tell you how the audience sees the effect and the 'why' of doing it. That is, how it will fit into your show. You will test the Compatibility of a married couple. The longer they have been married the better. On your table is a stemmed wine glass with six (6) keys inside. Also on the table is a Master Brand Lock. You ask for a couple that has been married some time and that you would like to test their compatibility with each other.

You stand the lady some distance from the man who is now on your right. You dump all the keys into your hand and after looking at them, remove one. The man is asked to try all the remaining keys in the lock and drop the keys back into the glass as they are tried if they do not open the lock. They don't! You hand him the last key and it opens the lock. He is to look very carefully at the key and then drop it in with the others.

You now place the lock on the stem of the glass and close it. He tries it and yes it is locked. You now walk to his lady and offer her the glass to choose one key. Is she really compatible with her husband? Let's see, She tries the key and it opens the lock. I guess they are compatible.

The lock I recommend is a # 21 as it is smaller and lighter than the #27 that fits most effects. It can be found on page 4 of this catalog.

PRICE: $10