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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Deluxe Blindfold - Hood
by Ray Carlyle
There have been Blindfold Hoods on the market for as long as I can remember. Some have no gimmick and just have one side that is very thin and can be seen thru. Others have an extra divider or flap that can be moved after it has been  inspected (why you would let it be inspected is beyond me, but that's another story!)

Some of those 'flaps' are held in place by a thread that can be removed or broken at the time of use. Some have Velcro to hold them shut to keep the secret. Some even have magnets.

This 'new' hood has none of those. That's right NO DIVIDER OR FLAP - NONE!

If, like the ones I spoke of, want to hand it out - do so as there is nothing to, with ease, find! Yes there is a secret method of allowing you to see.

The hood is nicely made and is even quilted and has lace around the bottom or opening (see below). There are two draw strings with balls attached to make it easy to locate their ends. These are drawn around he neck and tied.

Yes there are draw-backs! The hood must be used in fairly strong light if used indoors. I have not been able to read print except when it is large and lite and on white dry errase or white cardbard or paper.

Nothing is perfect but this hood elimanates all fumbling when trying to put the hood one.

Its priced at a fair price for what you get. I've seen lesser hoods priced higher.

                      HOOD MUST BE USED IN BRIGHT LIGHT!

PRICE: $35 Introductory Price

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