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Dream, Omens & Superstitions
By Loren Tindall
"Dreams, Omens & Superstitions" is the fourth release in the "Instant Author" Series of books designed for busy professionals like yourself. "Dreams, Omens & Superstitions" is a book that covers the history of dream interpretation and how to remember you're important dreams. In addition, there is an "A to Z" Dictionary of Dreams containing Dream Symbols and their Meanings.

To round out this insightful book, there is a section on Omens and Superstitions, including Beliefs Concerning The Human Body   • Animals   • Clothing   • Household Superstitions   • Weddings   • Weather Omens

Since you can either print these on your own printer or take the master to your local printer, you may be able to get them for even less than that. I'm sure you've already realized how profitable this book will be, especially with the interest people have in their dreams and what they mean.

This is a sure-fire product that you can make for little money and charge your customers whatever you want! Buying the reprint rights to this book ensures that you get exactly the amount and style that fits your needs. You pay only once and it's yours. There's only one thing limiting how much money you can make with this single book, and that is how much money you want to make. Remember your name will be on the cover and at the bottom right of every one of the 12 pages of the book, excluding the back cover.

PRICE: $40
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