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Excello Second Sight Act
By U. F. Grant with update by Ray Carlyle
(Also available in The Carlyle Touch Book)

PRICE: $ 10

This, as the mentalist tells his audience, is a second sight act. But, my friends, without codes, hand signs or  electronics. Yet as he passes through the audience he will say only "concentrate". The medium on stage will  described articles such as dates on coins, serial numbers on bills, describe people, their names, phone  numbers, names of cards.
And for a grand climax, members of the audience will simply hold up their fingers for numbers, which the mentalist will put on a large board on stage, until there are three rows of five digits each. The medium will call out "Write down the sum total . . ." which will be correct.  Remember the medium on stage, has been blindfolded for the entire time, has not seen anything either in the audience or on stage.
Yes the blindfold is real and yes she cannot see anything.  Remember, no codes of any kind and no electronics. It can be mastered in a very short time. This type of effect is right for any type audience. Will works extremely well for large audiences. Don’t let the low price fool you.

Used by some of the most successful mentalists working.