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  A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
For Those That Don't Believe!
by Rob Zabrecky & Ray Carlyle
(from an idea by Whit "Pop" Haydn)
This a new effect for my new Thumb Writer. You can, of course, use other writers, but it was designed for our writer as it uses a "China Marker" lead called Listo Lead which can be read at a great distance.

The effect is as follows, the mentalist, that's you, walks out to do his introduction to his show. You state, " Before coming out tonight I wondered how many believed in . . . no, let me change that. How many Don't believe in the ability of one mind to perceive the thoughts of another?" You ask the audience to raise their hands if, indeed, they don't believe. "Keep them up, you say!" You now ask a lady in the front to stand and count the raised hands. As she does you remove an envelope from inside your coat pocket. As she finishes you ask for the total and ask her to join you on stage. As she does and you reach into your coat pocket and remove a pair of shears which you use to cut off an end of the envelope. Now with her next to you, you ask her to remove a paper ( 8 1/2 " X 11" ) from within the envelope and for her to read what is printed on the paper.

The statement fills the whole paper and says in part that the total would be the same number she counted. The whole printing is large and done in black Listo lead.

You start clean and end clean! This stunning opening sets the tone for your show. It lets the audience know at the very start. .you are a thought reader! It also states that you will try to change the minds of those who raised their hands because they, at this point, don't believe!