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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Fortune Telling Card Trick
Time and time again, Magicians are asked, after they have done a few card tricks, "Can you tell fortunes with cards?" Fortune telling with cards has always been interesting, but Magicians, in general, do not care to spend the time learning it. Besides, there is not a trick to it. Now, however, you can say "Yes”, to the query.

Not only that, you can actually tell persons their ages, how many brothers, sisters they have, whom they are expecting a letter from, the month of their birth, the year something important happened in their lives and numerous other interesting facts.

You can do this with a person you have never seen before, and he (or she) positively does not write down the information, whisper it to anyone or tell a living soul. And you do not know the facts until you shuffle the cards and deal them out in a series of circles. Then you read the cards as they fall. The cards tell you all these interesting facts about anyone.

Believe it or not, the above is an actual fact. You can work this five minutes after reading the instructions, without study or practice. You do not have to learn any special line of chatter as in former methods. Just deal the cards out and read them as they fall! Tell the person he was born on such and such a date, year and month, he is so many years old, he has so many brothers, sisters, etc.

Even that he expects a letter from so and so, etc., and the spectator subject admits each and every item is correct. An actual fact!

This is not mathematical or number stunt!

The above statement is a quote from the first page of the instructions and is true. The value of the cards chosen and stacked per your instructions gives you the answers. Yes, you have to remember some simple instructions, but they, as it says in the instructions, can be mastered in a very few minutes. This and H. P. Albright's card reading listed in this catalog, should be all you would ever need to answer the question, Do you do card readings?

Now the answer is "YES!"

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