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  A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Ghost of a Chance Plus
by Ray Carlyle
(from and idea by Otis Manning)
The effect comes from the mind of Otis Manning. I found it in the pages of the Annemann book called "Practical Mental Effects" (Magic in the Dover issue).

The name The Ghost of a Chance seemed odd to me as I read it because it has nothing to do with Spirits or Ghosts! However, as I read on the effect's method grew in my mind.

Why do you need to learn this effect? Well, that's a good question! Let me give my reason I did and why I added the "Plus".

I had a problem answering questions in the Q&A part of my show from the very start. Why? Because I felt, and I've found there are a lot of Mentalist and would be Mentalist who are just starting, that felt the same. I didn't want to tell members of the audience what to do with their lives! I had enough trouble living my own life.

I started doing Q&A using the Burling Hull Tent Cards. I stick to the format of using "Feed Back", similar to the way Dunninger performed his Q&A on radio and TV.

However, friends told me that I needed more in that section of my act. What to do? In reading the Annemann book I came across the effect Ghost of a Chance and that was the answer I sought. I still did the Hull cards, but in bigger shows, or just as a switch off, I performed The Ghost of a Chance Plus!