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The Guessing Game
by Bill VanGorder & Ray Carlyle

PRICE: $ 10

In an effort to supply effects that can be done out pocket or at a table, we offer this fooler. In effect what happens is that you start a discussion about what is guessing. Is it intuition? Is it really physic ability? Is it one of these if your guesses are right more than they are wrong? To test this you remove a small stack of your business cards from a pocket.

Removing one you draw the five Zenor or ESP symbols on the blank back of one of the cards. You then deal out five more cards, printing side up, and state that one of each of the symbols you just drew are on the back  of each card. You will lay them out in an order you know, but not in the order that is on the card on the table.

As you point to the first symbol, the circle, your friend is to say which of the five cards has the circle on it's back. As he/she points to one you print that symbol one a blank space on the printed side, pick it up and continue until all are finished. Before picking up the last card you off your helper to look and see if in fact he has at least chosen the star. He does and it is. In fact when the other four are laid out he has chosen or guessed correctly on all five.

There are no difficult or hard moves and the cover is so great that a child could get away with it, so don't let that hold you back from trying this effect. Remember that six (6) of your business cards are left on the table for all that are watching to pickup and keep.