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  A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Hair Pin Turn
by Carlyle

Here is a nice little stunt that is fun at parties and anywhere some gather, even at the office. You state that since you have been involved in the Psychic Entertainment field you have been asked to test people and keep a record. You state that you use the most advanced interments to do the testing. From your wallet, you remove a ladies hairpin, not the so-called Bobby Pin but the open kind.

You ask for a ruler. If one is not available you then ask for a stiff piece of cardboard. These are your advanced tools. Hopefully, you will get a ruler, but if not you will have to cut the cardboard to size and then mark it off as if it were a ruler. (Or carry one in your inside coat pocket) This is even more of a laugh at your wonderful scientific tools.

With a spectator acting as the test person, you spread the pin open like an upside down "V" and lay it over the ruler that he is holding just less than an inch from a clear, flat table. He is to "WILL" the pin to move along the ruler. As he tries it does move and keeps moving. Suddenly it may stop and turn around either not move or moves backward.

You stop the proceedings and take the ruler and note how far it went. You ask his name and enter the results in your "little back book". Most will laugh and then scratch their heads as to what has just taken place.

PRICE: $ 10