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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Handwriting Ticking Sheets
By Fred Crouter and Ray Carlyle
Through this is not a book, it belongs here because they are a great back of the house or room sales items. A friend and mentalist from the west coast also use them over the phone. From his website, he has visitors, mostly ladies; send him a picture, full body (clothed I may add) so he can see their body type. These sheets are designed, in part, on a body type reading system, which includes the lucky number system used by Robert Nelson. With these sheets, you will be able to do readings as a "stand-alone" date or as an "after the show" bit to make extra money.

Now they are available in Adobe PDF as the books are. They allow you to do readings in three (3) different ways. The first is based on a study published in a monograph by Dr. Fred Crouter called "The Inner Secrets of Cold Reading Experts". While an understanding of his book is helpful, it is by no means necessary to the use of these sheets. The instructions that come with these sheets tells all you need to know and a crib is on the sheet. The customer or subject will never suspect it. Yet it is big and in full sight and is not a problem for you to see as you do the reading. The second is the method used by Nelson years ago in his now available from us, "Solar Charts". Instructions for this method are also included. The third method is open to you. That is, if you do readings, you can just check off what you see for the person based on your own system.

They are a great way to make extra money at Psychic Fairs, a Reading Room or Psychic House Parties and, of course, after your shows as a back of the room sale items.

Remember your name as author and full contact information will be on the sheets.

PRICE: $ 20
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