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The Haunted Key
by Ray Carlyle
For Years I've sold my Mental Key. Many times when asked about it the customer would refer to it as My Haunted Key. I'd correct them by saying, "You don't understand it a Mental Key for use in a Mentalism Act!"

So after all these years, I decided to offer a Haunted Key. So how is it different from the Mental Key, you ask? Well to start its the same Key as the Mental Key except now it comes with a complete "back story" and in a nice box (see below)!

More than that, the story set the 'reason' that it turns in your hand and that of a spectator's hand. There had to be a reason!

But there is more. . . in the story we find out that the key was hanging on a hook near the front door of a house that caught fire and burned down killing all those inside. They could not reach the Key and therefore it never had a chance to carry out its job of turning in the lock and freeing its owners!

As you tell the story and remove the key from its box and hold it in your hands, you talk about being able to smell the stench of burning flesh and seeing smoke! At that point "real" smoke rises from the Key!

It is truly a Haunted Key. To prove it further you place it in your hand and while your wrist and fingers are held . . . the Key turns! Even further it then turns into a spectator's hand while you hold his wrist and fingers!

"It's mine!", you declare, putting it back in the box!

You received, as shown below, the Key in the box, the back story which you change the name to yours and the location if needed. Also, the material to make the smoke with full handling instructions and "Glue Dots" to hold the material in place for burning. Full instructions on the effect and the same instructions you would have received with the Mental Key so you will understand how to make the Key turn in yours and another person's hand. In short . . .  everything you need! Therefore you receive two (2) effects in ONE!