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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Intuitional Sight
by Eddie Joseph
with comments by Ray Carlyle
In presenting to the Fraternity "INTUITIONAL SIGHT" I do so not, in the light of adding, "just another variation" of blindfold to the existing ones but rather something belonging to another class altogether. The method of BlindĀ­folding herein revealed for the first time is in advance of anything of a similar nature attempted beforeand what is most important it is far more convincing.
It has scores of times thrown my audience into a state of complete "DUMBFOUND-EDNESS" and confused several witnessing magicians who are already familiar with blindfold work.
Those of my readers who possess the capacity of appreciating a good thing willI am sure, not waste much time in preparing themselves as successful exponents of "INTUITIONAL SIGHT."
Before attempting the practice of this method I would suggest you read the book right through. Each part is a component of the whole and a correct understanding will come only after the complete digestion of this treatise. I thank you.
Eddie Joseph.

This is the opening paragraph from his 1938 set of instructions. Yes its that old, but the method stands up today! Have you ever seen Kuda Kux do his blindfold with bread dough, and wondered, "Is there anyway I can do that?". Well you can come close! Yes Eddie published a Bread Dough method and it uses the dough in both eyes, cotton over both and 20 feet of bandage wraped around. Then two folded large Handkerchiefs tied over everthing. Yes you can see if you follow Eddie's clear instructions. He even tells you how to make the dough before the show and how to keep it for drying out and getting hard around the edges!

Then he gives you "test" to do and how to stage the whole act. Of the ten test you can pick and chose and enlarge some to suit todays audiences. But the inportant point is tha you will know how to make and use this blindfold that no one is doing today!
                                                          Ray Carlyle

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