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Keep It Dark
By Punx
This is an very easy playing card code for two people by the Master Mentalist, Punx. Before his untimely death he gave me the effect to market. In the effect any card, even a Joker, may be selected by the spectator and you can let your partner know in statements that are so natural as to never tip the method. Words such as " Are you ready?" will tell the partner the suit.

The code comes on a sheet of paper in the instructions, the size of a playing card and may be printed and glued to the face of a Joker or on of the extra "ad" cards that come with most new decks. If two crib sheets are made both may have one to use until the code is learned by both. That should not take more that a few hours, but for those that take longer to remember things or just as a safety item, its there.

Easy to learn, ready any time and done with any deck or without a deck by just having a card agreed upon by the spectator or audience. Remember that your partner may leave the room while the card is being selected as you code it as it's being revealed. So simple yet so direct. Worth much more that the price as a reputation builder

PRICE: $ 10