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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The King Felton Blindfold
and other adaptations of Blindfolds by Carlyle

This is the original text as released by Thayer Magic in Los Angles in the 1940's. The method is complete and is doable if limited. The basic method is what is important. I have taken that method and expanded on it by explaining how I used it in the '50 through the '90s. I tell how other commercial metal blindfolds may be adopted to the basic method. That method is to have a two-part blindfold. The first piece is just over the eyes. The second is a hood that fits over the first and your head tying at the neck.. Yet you can see! I expand on the "where and when" of the use of this style of Blindfold.

No blindfold is supplied with these instructions.

The instructions takes you from the original in the early part of the 20th Century through today. This is not to be confused with the Dr. Q version explained and sold above on this page. They are both good and workable methods and should be learned and practiced if you intend to do a Second Sight Act or Sightless Vision.

This is
NOT down the nose version.

Several working Mentalist, working today here in the 21 Century, use Blindfolds. Some use them in conjunction with their Q&A acts. Some close their acts with Sightless Vision.

It still pleases the audience.

Learn from the past.

That is the reason we, here at Carlyle Productions, have taken it upon ourselves to restore, and expand and bring them up to the present times, these old manuscripts. I have added my own two versions of the Hood Version which I use in place of the King Felton, but to appreciate the newer versions you need to know from where they came.

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