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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Magic as a Hobby
UpDated By Ray Carlyle
For those of you that still do magic acts, here is a pitch book for you. This book is a re-work of a book sold by Bob Nelson years ago. All reference to cigarettes and smoking has been removed and replaced with other effects, tricks or puzzles. It is printed in Color and B&W and is thirty (30) pages in size, including the back cover. All the tricks or puzzles are easy or simple in nature. This book will appeal to the young people in your audience or as a present bought by an adult for a young person at home. This book can be given away as a premium or sold. Back of the house sales have contributed to extra money for performers for years, why not do the same?

Now available: With the help of Mr. Roger Ferriby of England, a UK version is now available, that has the spelling and money converted to conform with those terms used in any country that would speak and use the English Pound. There is no increase in cost. Specify which version is desired.

PRICE: $40
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