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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Mind Blasters U . S . A .
By Peter Duffie
This e-book has fifty (50) effects by some of the greatest and best minds in the field of Mentalism. Mr. Duffie has written several books on the subject of mentalism or should I say complied since in this case, and that of the other book from Scotland, he contacted the authors and ask for some of their best effects. As you read it you will see that is exactly what they did!

Here are the names of just a few that have offerings in this brand new book:

Danny Archer, Craig Browning, Richard Busch, Ray Carlyle, Chuck Hickok, Kenton Knepper, Devin Knight, Tony Razzano, Berrie Richardson, John Riggs, Christopher Taylor & Matthew Johnson, Allen Zingg.

The effects cover a wide range of Mentalism from close-up to stage. Therefore if you can't find anything in this book you are not really looking.

The authors have all agreed to offer this e-book at the same price. Therefor no matter where you buy it you will pay the same price!

However, we are allowed to give a 'gift' with the purchase. Therefore I will offer a copy of my Carlyle Touch E-Book with this book.

PRICE: $ 29.95
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