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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Mind Signals
By John Mulholland (1944)
A 2-Person Code Act
Many of you might have seen acts like The Tuckers (Liz & Tommy) or The Evasions ( Jeff & Tessa ) and wondered if you could do that act. Then you answered yourself and said. "NO that's too much work!". And you'd be right. Those acts have taken years of practice and personal commitment! They worked at it for a long while and added as they went. They work a lot and stay in practice.

So is all lost? No, you can do an act that is not as deep in detail but looks somewhat like theirs. You can have your partner answer what playing card has been chosen while she/he is on stage and blindfolded. There are several 'codes' out there that can do that. I even have one here in my catalog by the name of "Keep It Dark".

However, Mind Signals goes farther doing things from peoples pockets or handbags. Things they may be wearing. The beauty is that once you learn the method, which is rather easy, the rest is even easier! Why? Because the same code is used and only the items are changed. Learn one matrix and you only need to plug in different items. Five matrix, the first is for playing cards and the other four are for different groups of items such as "money", "items that a person might wear" and "things from the pocket or handbag" etc.

So you see a lot is covered. Are there words to learn that don't sound right when spoken? No! None of that old code stuff from Vaudeville. Just words such as " Yes, Right, That's Right or Fine or just keeping silent. There are even some hand and arm codes that are easy to learn. Do you need to practice? "YES!" Anything that is worth doing is worth doing correctly and the only way to do that is PRACTICE!

As you learn this more code will come to you as they did with the pro acts. If you want to do a code act this, in my opinion, one of the best! Don't let the date it was written fool you. It's as good today as it was in 1944 because it's material is not dated. The price will not hold you back so if you want to try - send for it. And as John wrote you don't have to have a wife to do it. Nor do you have to have a woman.

Either a two-person male or two-person female act will work.

So go for it!

PRICE: $20
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