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Money In Balloons
By Carlyle

PRICE: $ 20

Here is an effect that plays big, but packs small as they say. What the audience sees. A robe stretched between two points (could be two spectators or any two points) from the rope are five (5) balloons of different colors. Each is inflated and are about 12 inches in size. These balloons are held by five bulldog clips. None of the above are gimmicked ( these are not my Ostin Clips).

Now a spectator is selected by any fare means as there is no plants or stooges used. He or she is ask to find which balloon holds a one hundred dollar bill folded up inside.  Then you play a kind of "Bank Night" or a "Deal or No Deal" routine to find the bill. The routine allows for you or the 'helper' to win and at the end an envelope that was hanging high over the stage is removed only to find a prediction that details all the actions that happened in finding the bill.

No props are provided. Only a complete routine   giving you an ending with and without the production ending. The prop below is only a suggestion. It may be done with an ending that does not require the Abbott prop.

The only props needed are a means of producing the prediction. In my catalog you will find a New Pocket Writer and the New Ostin Style Clip. Those two used together will do the job for you very nicely.