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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Mystery of the Blackboard
By Ted Annemann
(Updadted by Ray Carlyle)
This is an act in itself. It can be done anywhere you can set up a blackboard or in today's venues, a dry-erase board. The bigger the better so all can see it. This plays for any size audience. It can be part of a larger show or as stated, stand alone. No props except the board, a marker to write with, an eraser & a blindfold.

Effect: three helpers are asked to write a word of no less the 7 letters, a 3 digit number from the second and the third to draw a geometric design. All this done while the mentalist has been lead to the farthest point on the stage. The audience is asked to remember what the three helpers are thinking of. They then erase all evidence of what was written.

The board is clean. No vestige of the writing is left. The Mentalist is lead back to the board and after concentrating he writes the same three items the helpers did or very close. A smash everywhere it has been used. It is used today by many of the biggest mentalists working today. Yes, today! Although written in the 30's, it is as workable today as it was then, even more so. A one-person act you can do!
PRICE: $15
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