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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Mystery of the Blindfolded Cards
by Ray Carlyle
From and Idea by Ned Rutledge
The mentalist invites three helpers on stage. On a table are a deck of cards, four pieces of  Aluminum Foil cut in size to about four by four inches. Also a much larger piece of foil which may or may not be used.
The deck is shown to be well mixed and is replaced on the table, face down. The helpers are told that they will be ask to cut a small section from the deck and without looking at the cards to wrap their cut pile with a piece of the foil. The mentalist demonstrates with the forth piece and a couple of jokers that are separate from the deck.
The mentalist states that he will face away as this is done. The last or third helper is told to leave some as the mentalist knows the bottom card. The three helpers each, in order, cuts some cards and wraps them as directed.
Each helper now holds his packet above the mentalist up facing palm. The mentalist is able to tell each hidden card.

Things to note, at no time does the mentalist look at the deck as the cards are being cut by the helpers!
After he says what he feels is the value of the card he turns away as the pile is unwrapped and shown to the audience!
There is no guess work! There is no "get ready" to repeat the effect for the next show except to cut some new pieces of foil. The foil is not gimmicked and is checked by the helpers before used! No stooges!

There are two versions of blindfolds that MIGHT be used to add to the routine, but the buyer would be on his own as NO BLINDFOLDS ARE SUPPLIED!

Comes complete except for the Foil which is household foil.

Price:  $30

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