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This page is devoted to keeping the memory and writings of Bob Nelson alive and updated to be relevant in the
21st Century

While you may not agree with my changes, in whole or in part, I do believe the changes will make you "think" !

by Bob Nelson

This was a standard work by Nelson detailing a Q&A Act
Carlyle has updated and 'foot' noted the entire book so that it is now 'workable for todays audiences

A Super Brain Buster
by Ned Rutledge

This manuscript appeared in one of Bob Nelsons Works and so is included here in the Nelson Legacy.
It deals with a method of reading thru an envelope, but more than that its a complete effect that goes way beyond that in the "Ruthledge" manor!

Brain Busters
by U.F. Grant & Bob Nelson

This work, by two the best minds of the past, came
together to give use this, not to be over looked, fine book.

by Bob Nelson

If you have ever wanted to try this effect this is as good a starting point as any!.

ESP Brain Busters
by Bob Nelson

Different from the Brain Busters
These test use the Large ESP Cards

of a Private Reader
by Bob Nelson

What you need to know before attempting to do Private Readings. Easy to follow and complete!

Secret Methods of Private Readers

In this book Nelson writes about the readers real methods. Methods used to build trade and how to keep them!