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New Thumb Writer
By Andreas Sebring
It is with a great deal of pride that we offer the New Thumb Writer from Andreas. Andreas is from Sweden
and is a dear friend and also a Member of the PEA like me.

So what is so 'new' about his thumb writer? Well to start with it, like all of Andreas's effect, is hand made from scratch. That is they are not made out of picks, but are hand made from steel and therefore can be attached to a magnet. The clip shown in the picture below is magnetic.

The new 'hold-out' that houses the writer is also new in that it was a spring loaded lid and a magnet inside. the hold-out comes with the writer. The lead in this writer is pencil lead leads and you receive Extra pencil leads.

Being made of steel once you shape it to your thumb it holds its 'fit' and will not open and fail to stay on the thumb!

You also receive two pieces of Velcro¬© so that the hold-out may be attached anywhere on your clothing such as the inside of your coat. 
The Writer comes with instructional video links from Andreas in English!

PRICE: $ 40
Pencil lead type
                       HOLD-OUT            BODY CLIP     WRITER PENCIL LEAD TYPE
Andreas Sebring May be reached to see all his effects at:
and you can see his effects at:
For extra Leads for the writers or pens, open the "Supplies" section from the main options list on the left of every screen!
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