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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Effects Shipped in PDF
No postage is charged for these effect even when bought with effect that do require postagee
Beyond the Eyes of Dr. Reese
by Ray Carlyle from an Idea by Bob Nelson
For ONE on ONE Readings
by Ray Carlyle from ideas by Bob Nelson & Fogel

A Finger Code for a two person act
Keep It Dark
By Punx
Hair Pin Turn
By Ray Carlyle
Crystal Compatibility
By Carlyle & Richard Mark

An Effect with a Gravity Lock
For Those That Don't Believe!
by Ray Carlyle
from an idea by Whit "Pop" Haydn & Rob Zabrecky
Carlyle’s Headline Prediction
by Ray Carlyle
The Guessing Game
by Bill VanGorder & Ray Carlyle
by Roy Schubert
Released by Ray Carlyle under an exclusive contract.
Money in Balloons
By Ray Carlyle
Two Hundred To One
by Ray Carlyle
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A Two Person Verbal Code Act for Playing cards
Here is a nice little stunt that is fun
Known as his “famous” Butter Tub Prediction
This effect makes use of both the New Style Ostin Clip and
the New Style Pocket Writer!
Kind of a "Deal or No Deal" effect with money inside of Balloons
Carlyle Symbol Challenge
From and Idea by Ned Rutledge
The Third Eye
A Peek Envelope from J.G. Thompson Jr. & Jaks
Burling Hull Q&A Act
Learn to do a Q&A Act using the Hull Tend Cards
Carlyle's Midway Dream
Three games of chance are played out in their minds and . . .they win!
Black Death with Tarot Cards
Its a Story with Tarot Cards . . .your cards . . . My instructions and How!
Sense It
By Ray Carlyle
From a Routine by Ned Rutledge
& an a gimmick by Dick Koornwinder

Excello Second Sight Act
This is a "Second Sight Act but WITHOUT CODES!
by U.F. Grant & Ray Carlyle
The Mass Thought
By Jules Lenier & Ray Carlyle
An Effect where eleven (11) spectators send their thoughts at ONE time!
The X Ray Eye Act
by Bob Nelson & Ray Carlyle
It shows some of the material found in Dr Q plus the coin & tape method by Ray Carlyle
There are more about the methods and it is up dated!
Mentalism & Mindreading
by Jules Lenier
Effects, Routines and Methods
by a Master Mentalist

The Complete Hypnotic Act
By Jules Lenier
The Complete Hypnotic Act
by Jules Lenier
If I were going to do a Hyp Act again I’d do this Act! Really! Ray Carlyle
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