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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
By Loren Tindall
Here, as the title implies, is a pitch book that will appeal to more of your customers than, maybe, any other? It is a widely known that the Horoscope section of the daily newspaper is one of the most read sections in any paper. I know of no paper without one for their readers to enjoy. I believe that editors would sooner leave out the 'comic' section than the Horoscope.

Knowing this fact leads us to very large sales of a book bearing the title and your name as author. I can say with all certainty that sales this book to your patrons, at your show or other gatherings, will be a must. They will want a copy so that they may be the center of attention at the next affair they attend. They will see that cannot only do their own scopes but that of their friends and family. They will see the benefit and advantage of owning your book.

Mr. Tindall has written a simple, clean and easy to understand book that you and those that buy it from you will understand. I know that your buyers will feel that they have received full value when buying this book. You as the seller will be able to talk on the subject with authority as soon as you receive and read it for yourself. This is important from your point of view as the author.

Remember your name will be on the cover and at the bottom right of every one of the 60 pages, including the back cover, of the book.

PRICE: $40
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