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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
By Enrico Leone
This New book tells the reader the history, use and how to make a pendulum. There are many types on the market, but they all work the same. So, whether you use one that has a cavity, one that has a pretty stone, or one that is a crystal, it makes no difference to it's working.

The book is 20 pages long including the covers. The artwork on this new book is greatly enhanced over the older book we offered! The smart performer will have a stack of these books, either printed, or burned to CD's, and pendulums for sale before and after the show. If you are working house parties or table-hopping, this is the book for you to sell. It always attracts interest sitting on your table at any time. Most people have had a Sex Detector swung over their hand at one time in their life.

At parties, it's a fun item to play with. Remember, you're the author so be sure you read the book before you sell them. If you ask questions you will be able to answer all their questions with authority. Your name, as the author, will appear on the cover and at the bottom of each page.

This new book also allows me to insert a photo of you on a page separate from others. it also allows you to write a 'dedication' of your own on a separate page.

Each page is 'watermarked' with a pendulum in the background! There is no increase in price, but the book is far superior to the older book we offered.

PRICE: $40
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