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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Written by Bob Mason with thoughts by Karrell Fox.
Re-edited and extra thoughts and ideas by Ray Carlyle.
Published originally in 1981 by Robert Mason Productions
This is the REAL work on a Q&A Act! True, it is! I've looked all over the Mentalism and Magic writings by those that were great and well known and those at the fringe and nowhere did I find a method that answered all my problems. The problems that stopped me may be those that have stopped you, so read on. First I have a bad memory.

Therefore the "One-A-Head" or Washington Irving Bishop method didn't work because after I read the next question (which was supposed to be the last question) I forgot all the details like numbers I needed. Second I felt uneasy messing with someone's life. If they ask a question about love advice or money or quitting their job or anything that could really be important, I just couldn't take it upon myself to give that advice.

So let's not go there! In this manuscript, you will find all the answers to those and many other bits that may have stopped you from adding this most impressive part of a mentalism act. And have you ever wondered if the mind reader is so good why does he have to open the envelope to make sure that the answer was correct and helpful? I tell the audience that I am NOT a fortune teller, but that I read 'thoughts' as pictures from your mind. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, but I try!

Well Karrell Fox, my dear friend, came up with the answer. Dr. Scott had a method to cover this but in his, you needed a pad. Here you don't. And the questions, what about them. Remember I don't want to mess with lives. Right, you don't! The biggest name in Mentalism in the 20th Century was Dunninger and this is the way he did it so why not you? How? Just feedback information you have them give you bit by bit. And since the card is right in front of you you have nothing to remember.

In front of you? Yes, you will find out how by reading this act. And get this when you call out a name of a person that wrote a question, before they answer, "HERE" you are looking at them. That's right, looking right at where they are seated.

If that isn't the answer to your problem with Q&A then don't buy it and look elsewhere! I think so much of this manuscript that it will be included in a larger work that I'm putting together which I will call Ala Dunninger.
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