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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Sense It
By Ray Carlyle
From a Routine by Ned Rutledge and an gimmick by Dick Koornwinder
The mentalist shows a standard deck of Bicycle Playing Cards. The mentalist ribbon spreads the deck face down and removed several cards and sets the balance of the cards aside.

The mentalist hands the helper a marking pen (Sharpie type) and asks the helper to chose one of the cards he removed from the full deck. He is, after the mentalist turns away, to make the chosen card in any way he (or she) wishes. A way that he would know was his. The mentalist points to spaces on the card in his hand showing the different areas he might use as there is no special places to mark.
The mentalist picks up the rest of the chosen cards and the card he has and lays them on the table.

He now turns away as the helper makes his mark. The helper says he’s done and is ask to turn the card so the mentalist can’t see the face. The helper is told to lay his card on top of the pile on the table and now to cut the pile and finish the cut several times.
The mentalist asks the helper to check the top and bottom cards to make sure his marked card is not on either place. If it is he is to make another cut and complete that cut.

Now the helper is to deal one card off the stack he is holding and hold it over the out stretched right hand of the mentalist.
The mentalist says, “ Since we know that is not you card I’ll just take it, but do the same with each of the rest of the cards you are holding. That is hold one card at a time over but not touching my right hand!”. 

The helper does and one card at a time is held. Once the mentalist says, “STOP - THAT IS YOUR CARD”!

The helper turns over the stopped at card and it is the marked card! No other card is marked. The helper is thanked and is given the card.

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