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Simplified Interpretations of Playing Card
By Howard P. Albright

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Have you every wanted to do or were ask to do a "reading" using cards? Most of us have. Some have Tarot cards or the Gypsy Witch decks, but not having a special deck should not hamper you from doing a "reading"! Just use a borrowed or your own regular deck of playing. So you don't know what to do now that you have a deck in your hand, right?

Well Albright in 1939 wrote up this method. Yes that long ago, but we are trying to restore what we can.

This is one of the easiest methods I seen. The fact that Albright wrote this in 1939 does not out date the material found in it's four (4) pages. Yes only four pages.

He list the meaning of all 13 cards and how the four suits change and effect the meaning of a card. Then he tells you a very simple and straight forward way of  learning and remembering each card. Then a simple lay-out. So now your all set. Get a deck, the older and worn the better as there are no 'Magic' moves to learn. Nothing to get 'caught at. No this is a reading not a trick. Your guest or audience will love what you do.

All the lay-outs and the charts have been redone by Lou Ann Butler, who we dearly thank!