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Simply Pamlistry
By Allen Williams
Yet another book on Palmistry for you to chose from. Fully illustrated and easy to understand, this book will add to your list of books YOU have written. This book will sell its self. Written by the world renown author Al Williams, this book of 36 pages in 8 X 10 format, will excite your buyers once the look through its pages.

Like all of our Pitch Books, your name is placed on the cover and at the bottom of each page. On the "About The Author" page is full information about you and how to reach you, together with copy that looks like any book published having Library of Congress.

We can, as with all our books, provide a "stock" bio with your name inserted. The chose is yours. But remember you will double your income and enlarge your reputation by offering books, tapes, and other items for sale after your show. All professional performers have items for sale. Why not you?

Yes, the Tic sheet on Palmistry works to sell this book also when done before you offer this book. Some will ask, "Gee can I learn to read palms?" You answer "yes!" and point out this book or others along the line of Palmistry. The book has 42 pages including the back cover.

PRICE: $40
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