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Simply Tarot
By Al Williams
It's here, the long-awaited companion book to Simply Palmistry by author Al Williams. All the cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck are illustrated down the left side of pages. Next to each card is the name of that card and what it stands for. Next, the Key Words that each symbolizes. Lastly, the meaning if a card is reversed, in that order, one below each other. Card by card, suite by suite with no more than four (4) cards to a page. The Regal Arch and Celtic Cross lay outs with sample readings are set out in easy to understand language. Some observations and quick reference guide end the book. The last page gives a list for further reading. All this in a book of over fifty (50) pages. An easy seller for the discerning buyer.

As with the other books in this catalog, you set the sale price. You decide how they are to be printed and how many to print each time. You become the author with your name on the cover, on the title page, at the end of a personal note to the reader, on the bottom of each page and a Bio and contact information so readers can reach you.

This book has 50 pages including the back cover.

PRICE: $40
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