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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Smoke Rays
By Ted Annemann
One of his Ted's first manuscripts about "his way" of doing & using the Center Tear!

I know that there have been, of late, a whole bunch of DVDs and instructions both in books and stand alone sets of "how" paper, even DVDs. However this is from the beginning and is how the 'master' did it.

For no other reason than that, it is worth reading and having in your file book. Does it break new ground? NO! But it's neat to read and understand how it was first done. You may have had a set of instructions on how to read the "center" while tearing and thought "That's cool!" However Ted shows that you don't need to read it in one hard to do move. Still want to practice and learn that tear?

Sure, learn as many ways as possible so that it can be done under all conditions. I enjoyed reading the basic way Ted did it at the start. In this set of four (4) pages Ted shows you his basic method. Then he gives you his way of presenting it while sitting down. There are two more methods by two of his friends.

So in four pages you receive three uses and Ted's original thinking.
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