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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Spirit Messages
by George Marquis
Mr. Marquis performed this routine as a "look-a-like" of a spirit séance. A clever use of messages 'filled' in on preprinted cards, is the jest of this manuscript. While the 'patter' is for 'message bearing' the method will stand the user in good stead in a simple Q&A routine and doesn't have to be used as a spirit routine.

In the text, he gives patter about the Fox Sisters and the start of Spiritualism. As he delivers the text he is stating that he will duplicate what a 'so-called' spirit medium would do. So is he contacting the spirit world or is he just doing tricks? On that point alone I would not do the routine as written. So why have I saved it?

Well because the method is worth it! And this category is devoted to the saving of old and out of print routines. Knowledge is worth the price. The last page gives samples of the preprinted cards and their size and thoughts by me on how to extend there use.

PRICE: $10

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