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Spirit Rope Ties
by S. W. Reilly (Sid) 1937
Added material by Ray Carlyle

PRICE: $ 10

For those that have looked for methods that look imposable - here are some that have fooled the best. Yes Sid wrote this before some of you were born, however they are not just 'old ' tricks.

Where or when have you seen a cereal  box with a magic rope tie that would or could be used in a demonstration of Spirit Manifestations? You haven't! Not even a "Dummies" book or a book for "Beginners"!

Rope ties have not been, like a of magic, shown around for the general public. There are still some areas of our art the the "Exposérs" haven't gotten around to "yet"! If you have ever though of doing a Entertaining Séance as a part of your act or as an in-home show, this manuscript is a 'must read'!

I have added a couple of ties I have used over the years.