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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Spirit Rope Ties
For those that have looked for methods that look impossible - here are some that have fooled the best. Yes, Sid wrote this before some of you were born, however, they are not just 'old ' tricks.

Where or when have you seen a cereal box with a magic rope tie that would or could be used in a demonstration of Spirit Manifestations? You haven't! Not even a "Dummies" book or a book for "Beginners"!

Rope ties have not been, like a  magic, shown around for the general public. There are still some areas of our art the "Exposérs" haven't gotten around to "yet"! If you have ever thought of doing an Entertaining Séance as a part of your act or as an in-home show, this manuscript is a 'must read'!

I have added a couple of rope ties I have used over the years.
by S. W. Reilly (Sid) 1937
Added material by Ray Carlyle
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