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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
    The Stranger
A Mental Effect with Playing Cards
by Ray Carlyle
This is an effect based on a method created by my late dear friend Ned Rutledge.

Effect: The mentalist states that he will attempt to project a thought, piece by piece to members of the audience. In the end, the result will be one thought! With that, he turns to a spectator and states the standard deck of playing cards is divided into two colors, Red and Black. The spectator is asked to chose one. With that, another spectator is asked to decide which of the two suites he would like. Now that a suite has been chosen the next spectator is asked, odd or even of the 13 cards that are in that suite. Another spectator is asked high or low and a range of what is each is given and the spectator chooses. Now the last spectator is to choose one final card. So that using several members of the audience, chosen at random, a single card or thought is arrived at by chance . . . or is it? Could it be that this is, as the Mentalist stated, that one thought he talked about?

Now the Mentalist removes a closed deck of playing cards, opens the box and removes the cards which are blue backed. He runs through the cards and stops as he comes to a Red-backed card. Now closing the cards he states, "Why the Stranger? Could it the very card or thought?" "Yes," he states!  "Before leaving for this show I removed a card at random from this Blue-backed deck and replaced it with a card, of the same value, from a Red-backed deck!" Again he starts through the cards from one hand to the other. Finding The Stranger he lifts the deck to his mouth and with his lips removes the Stranger. Still, the Stranger has it's back to the audience and the Mentalist says something along the lines that maybe you think things are not on the up and up. (you decide what to say) but with that, he hands the balance of the deck to a spectator and says, "Find the (Value of the chosen card)!" The spectator looks through the whole deck and can not find the card. With this, the Mentalist turns around The Stranger! Its the chosen card and can be tossed on the table to prove that it is a single card.

Please note this is NOT a trick deck. You receive only instructions in PDF form as any cards may be used. The move is simple and fully explained and there is only the one!
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