©  2020
Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Edited by Loren Tindall
This is a 30-page, including the back cover, a book that goes into detail on the art of Mediumship and the use of the Crystal Ball. It takes the reader through all the steps necessary to become a medium, or at least to understand how they think.

The second half of the book has lessons on the step-by-step use of the Crystal Ball, a symbol of mind reading and seership that has been around down through the ages. Just because you don't use a crystal ball or refer to yourself as a medium does not mean you lack knowledge of the art. Quite the contrary, because many will ask if you are a psychic or do readings.

How you answer these questions is still up to you. You may take any approach to the subject you wish since that is an individual's choice, you may state that you have researched the subject and present your findings in this book, or you may say that these are the findings that many people over the years have believed in. Or you may wish to take a supportive stance. You chose!

However remember, your name will be on the cover and at the bottom right of each page. Artwork by Vin Lauria.

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