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of a Privater Reader
by Robert (Bob) Nelson

This book was written by Bob in the 1950's and reissued in 1960. A lot has changed since that printing.

I have attempted to update the work and make revelent for todays life style.

Bob also wrote about some of his effect that he sold such as the Master Clipboard and the Ultra Clipboard both of which are no longer available. Therefore I have given places where such items may still be bought . Many of those are far better than Bob's originals.

Also Our life style has changed so i've used what knowledge have of life today to offer some changes in his text.

Were I to be starting out to become a Private Reader the info found in this book I feel would be of great help. Why?
Because I'm not a Reader of any kind.

You be the judge is I've done justice to his work!

Its been my desire to keep Bob's works alive for the next generation. I hope I have.

May Kismet be kind to you and yours!

Ray Carlyle   2015


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he Nelson Legacy