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  A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
by Ray Carlyle from ideas by Bob Nelson & Fogel
As the title shows, this is an effect that is drawn from two of the best minds of the past and made ready for the audiences of today. It is an effect that can make a reputation for you as a real performer worth the high price you demand.

As seen, you have a double page taken from any newspaper chosen from many you have on stage, or you can have the paper chosen from several on stage, then the section and page selected.

They are real and not gaffed in any way. A helper decides which paper, what double page and when it is torn in half, which half to keep and which to throw away. This done many times until you have just a small bit of the page left. Remember they say and you throw away. The choice is theirs. The prediction may be revealed in any of several ways given.

In a bonus insert a method of not touching the paper at all is given and a method for finding the prediction in a mailed letter ala my Headline Prediction offered elsewhere in this catalog.