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  A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
No Gimmick Utility Blindfold
by Ray Carlyle
Yes, this has no gimmicks! No strings to pull! No twist or turns to make! No moves! I learned over the years of using a blindfold that if you think it's really real your audience will also! Stop running if you're not being chased! it's the "magician" in you that thinks your audience believes all that you do are tricks and all that you use are faked! Remember you're a "Thought Reader" NOT a magician!

If you simply put on the blindfold to block your sight why would it be a trick? If you don't think it is then they will not either! Really!

That said let's look at what you have received, the blindfold, 2 pads, and 2 strips of Velcro for attaching the pads and for fastening the ends of the blindfold.

I have used this blindfold in more shows than you may do in a lifetime. Yes, now in 2013 I'm 82 years 'young' and still use this blindfold for indoor shows.

If you want to do a blindfold car drive then buy and read my manuscript called The King Kelton Blindfold.