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The New Thumb Writer from Andreas Sebring
The New Thumb Writer from Andreas Sebring
Deluxe Set
Of Thumb Writers
by Andreas Sebring
The Set encludes both writers and a special Clipboard
What's In a Name?
By Ross Johnson & Ray Carlyle
Deluxe Brain Wave Case
Carlyle Symbol Challenge
From and Idea by Ned Rutledge
The Third Eye
by J.G. Thompson Jr. & Stanly Jaks
Carlyle's Midway Dream
Three games of chance are played out in their minds and . . .they win!
Burling Hull Q&A Act
Learn to do a Q&A Act using the Hull Tend Cards
Thought to Picture
By Ray Carlyle
A design Dup effect
Two Person Codes Sets
Both Silent and Verbal
By Carlyle & Others

The DeLand Automatic Deck
The deck dose so many things it hard to know where to start!
Its Marked in an easy to read method, It can tell you the bottom card of the deck, it can tall you where a card is in the deck, and its a 'stripper' deck! And it doesn't look like a magician's deck of cards!

Black Death with Tarot Cards
Its a Story with Tarot Cards . . .your cards . . . My instructions and How!
Intuitional Sight
By Eddie Joseph
with comments by Ray Carlyle
Sense It
By Ray Carlyle
From a Routine by Ned Rutledge & an a gimmick by Dick Koornwinder
Two New Itens:
Koornwinder cards. Known as 'breathers' or for "locator cards" and Short cards to allow a forced cuts - in either Red or Blue
See: Supplies section to order
Deluxe Blindfold Hood
by Carlyle
A New Method - No Flap and can be examined
Mystery of the Blindfolded Cards
by Ray Carlyle
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